Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Young Life Assignment at Washington Family Ranch

We're at Big Muddy, I mean, Wildhorse Canyon, I mean, Washington Family Ranch, I mean, WaFaRa, I mean, The Canyon. This place is having a serious identity crisis I wasn’t sure what to expect for an assignment here, we have always been at Malibu in June. It is beautiful here not too hot, yet. The camp is huge so there is a lot of quiet and alone time, which I like. I’m able to just play with Nolan and work on some projects. We take naps in the late afternoon and stroll into camp for meals.

The Program team is doing a great job, their main characters are stunt men, and they have two other sets of characters, Mario and Luigi and also Techno Dancers. I’m really excited for the opera in a couple of nights to see all of the characters interact. Maybe I can film it and put it on the blog too.

Keith is enjoying his role as a Summer staff coordinator. He has been connecting with the college guys and helping them in any way he can. So far this has been a great little assignment for our family.

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