Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 2/365

PBY Aircraft flew at KAWO Arlington Municipal Airport.  First time I've seen it fly in over a year.  Lots of popping an crackling coming out of these huge radial engines.  Really impressive.  The wings extend way over the sides of the runway.


Monday, May 30, 2011

365 day photo project

I am not good at doing things religiously.  I lack at that self-discipline/self-control fruit of the spirit.  On facebook lately the kids have been doing 30 day photo challenges where they post a picture of some specific thing each day.  I have been thinking for a while of doing a 365 day photo challenge where I post some sort of photo every day.  It should be easy to do, I always have my phone with me and it has a great camera.  I should be able to just email my blog the post and it will post automatically, we'll see how well that works.  If you see me slacking cheer me on, I may need it.

Day 1/365

 May 30, 2011
Memorial Day

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rapture, Really?

I don't know if you have heard but there are people predicting that Jesus is coming back on Saturday.  It seems to me that if He really is coming that they just really spilled the beans.  I though no one was supposed to know when Jesus is coming back.  Funny that some people are planning rapture parties.  It doesn't really matter to me when Jesus comes, I know that I will get to go with him.  It would be sweet if Christians don't have to endure the tribulation, I know I would prefer to be in Heaven while everyone else is figuring it out.  And seriously, if you don't get your act together when half the planet disappears you have some serious issues.  I am going to be working at the airport on Saturday for our learn to fly day, if this is really going down, I think I will probably leave work early and come home to be with Keith and hold Nolan. 

Kind of makes me wonder what New Years Eve is going to be like this year, probably a lot of big parties!


Keith went all the way to Ikea yesterday to get two bookcases.  One for each side of our fireplace.  They are really bug 57"x57". It wasn't until 10:00 that we actually started putting them together.  After the YL girls had finally gone home after campaigners.  We got the 1st one together and slid it into place took a step back and both said "that looks awesome"  Next we pieced the other one together and went to slide it into place and WHAT THE???? It didn't fit  I had never thought that the two wals looked off, but they are different, 5" different.  That is a lot! Anyway, our great idea didn't work, but we do have some new and awesome bookcases.  There is a perfect place in the front hall for the other big white bookcase.  And we even have a small 28x28 shelf in our room to contain all of Nolans stuff.  Oh well, it was a good idea.

Monday, May 9, 2011

La Quinta

Keith and I just got back from La Quinta (Palm Springs) we got to go there to visit a friend and committee member.  I hadn't spent much time with them before our trip but it didn't bother me, I'd do anything to escape this rain!  We were welcomed so lovingly into their home.  Sigh* I want to go back.  The weather was in the high 90's ad low 100's while we were there.  Keith and I stepped off the airplane and giggled, it's like mexico except we can drink the water and everyone speaks English.  Among our adventures we went to The Living Desert. A desert zoo where I got to ride a camel!  We went to a street fair where they sold everything from cars to tacos to patio furniture to knock off purses (I got the seatbelt purse I've been eying for the last two years at 20% of the price of the original).  We swam in the pool a lot and Keith even got to go golfing.  Most importantly we just relaxed and laid low.  It was a great trip and a great refreshing time.  Thank you Kit and Mary for having us!  Nolan is sick, really sick.  I knwe he had a fever while we were there so we kept giving him some ibuprofen and it seemed to work.  I took him into the Dr today and he has a double ear infection and a sore throat.  I feel so bad for him.  We have him on antiboitics now and he should be feeling better soon.  As I write this he is sleeping.  He took a two hour nap this morning and we have just passed 3 hours this afternoon.  Poor Guy :-(