Thursday, March 17, 2011

Celebrate the small things

I decided today that the only way I can stick with this blog is if I just Celebrate the small things.  It shouldn't take a huge achievement to get a blog post.

Today we went to Wal-mart to get a few things.  I was driving the little cart and Nolan was in the child seat in a cart that my Mom was pushing.  His birthday is in a week and a half so I need to find something for him.  We went by the toy isle and I immediately was drawn to the popper that you walk bekind and push.  It shoots the balls dancing around inside the little dome.  Classic toy.  Nothing else seemed that great.  It all looks generic and just like the toys he already has.  And he has a lot!

We rounded the corner to see tennis balls the size of 4-square balls.  Nolan loves to carry his soccer ball around and drop it and chase it.  He also loves Annie giving him attention.  Anyway, he turned in the cart, stuck out his pointer finger at the rack of balls and clearly said "Ball".  My heart leaped with excitement.  He has been saying "Ball" for a few weeks, but there was never a definitive "yes that thing in you hand is a ball"  It was more like that is Annie and she likes balls.  He has been calling Anne, Ball.

How Cool!  Of Course I had to get it for him.  Most likely it will be a dog toy and get popped quickly.

Today he also began answering the question "What does Annie say?  with a "whoo whoo"  there isnt really an "f" at the end of his woof's but he is responding to the question which is amazing to me.

Every day there is so much change in him.  It is amazing to watch and a privileged to be his mommy and get to nurture him. 

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