Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Assignment at Washington Family Ranch

We are in week three of our assignment and I'm having mixed feelings about going home. Something about Young Life camp is so special. When we are here we have such a purpose. Camp is "the best week of their life" for so many high school kids.

This session we have had life signs. Five of the people on our assignment team share their real life stories and how Jesus changes their lives. It is a powerful and healing experience that these people are willing to be so vulnerable and share their brokenness with 700+ high school kids.

This time they have also showed a video from www.PostSecret.com, following that we invite kids to share something they have never told anyone. There are 3x5 cards available for them in the cabins and an anonymous box for them to drop them in. I am crying just thinking about the adult problems these kids have had to suffer. It is NOT fair that they have been robbed of their innocence and their childhood.

Today is Day 4 (the day that the problem of Sin is addressed). It is the day that a lot of tears are shed and a lot of hearts are broken. It is a hard day. We are stuck. There is nothing that we can possibly do to fix the situation. That is why it is called sIn. When we (I) come before God. That is what we saw today in the postsecret video. A world full of I. The Good News is coming tomorrow, but for today we see how wrong this world really is.

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