Tuesday, February 16, 2010

So many changes

Life can never just throw one thing at you at a time.  It seems like in our lives there are always a lot of really bug changes that always happen at once.

Keith and I put in an offer on a house today. 
Here is a link to the listing

Now we wait to see if the bank accepts it.  If they do we get to figure out when we will move.  Before or after Nolan is born. 

Nolan is coming.  I have 26 more days until my official due date.  This Saturday i will be considered full term, so really anytime after that and he could be there.  Maybe moving could be a good way to induce labor. :)

We are still waiting and praying about Keith's job and fundraising situation.

Have you noticed a pattern.... WAIT, patience, WAIT.

Only one guarantee.  Our baby boy will be here soon enough, life will continue, everything will work out the way God intends for us.  Can't we just have a hint about what the future will hold?

In the meantime, we were given tickets to a women's olympic hockey game tonight between Finland and China.  So excited to go to the OLYMPICS!

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