Friday, February 19, 2010


It has always been a dream of mine to go to the Olympics.  The spirit and excitement of the games is something that I've always wanted to experience.  On Tuesday, Keith got a call and was offered two tickets to a womens first round hockey game between Finland and China.  We don't have any connection to either team, but we do like to watch hockey.  I wasn't going to let a little thing like work get in the way of this opportunity, so I called in a replacement and we left for the border at around 3:30 for a 7:00pm game.  What a night.  Keith and I have a lot of things up in the air right now, so here is an account of what happened throughout the evening.

• We got to the border and every lane was open, ZERO wait time.  It could have been the fastest we've ever gotten across the border.

• Our GPS has Vancouver maps luckily.  As we are exiting onto Marine Drive the GPS prompts us that we need to exit onto Marine Doctor.  (Dr.)  I would have thought that Dr. (drive) is a common word for the GPS to know.

• Against suggestions we decided to try and find parking near the arena at the University of British Columbia.  Expecting to have to walk a long distance, we were happy for find public parking about 1/2 a mile from the arena and it only cost us $7 for the entire night. :)

• The tickets we were getting were coming from Keith's boss and they were on a city bus coming from downtown so we waited for them at the beginning of the security line.  Celebrities like Matt Damon, Elvis Costello, Carrie Underwood all thanked us via prerecorded loudspeaker for supporting the Olympics and warned us about what we could and couldn't bring into the arena.  It was pretty funny.

• When Mason and his family came into view, there was a neat surprise, a couple of other area directors that are Keith's friends were there too.  They had been walking around downtown taking in the tourist events all day.

• Inside the UBC arena now, it holds about 6500 people.  Smaller than the local semi-pro league in Everett.

• At the Olympics and we have to find a souvenir.  As expexted, everything is pretty expensive.  Keith's dad requested a t-shirt so we poke around in two different kiosks.  Finally we settle on a shirt for his dad and a beanie that we will share.  Keith points out a little mascot stuffed animal "for Nolan".  We get all three.  When we get back to the stands the stuffed animal is the first thing that he shows to his friends. :)

• China scores first and the stadium goes wild.  Nolan starts bouncing around in my stomach.  I know he can hear everything that is going on.

• Keith gets a text about work and the fundraising situation.  Debating if he wants to think about that stuff he replies that we are still about $8000 from our goal of raising $20,000 this month.

• 5 Min later he gets a text back that a family (angels who have blessed us with their generosity before) has just pledged $8000.  Sitting with Keith's boss and getting that message at the same time was incredible.  They go out to concessions to get a beer and have a heart to heart.

• Finland Scores, all ties up 1-1.  The game is getting more physical and more penalties are being called.


• Finland scores again and Nolan Kicks me really hard.  Sorry buddy, I can't make them quiet down.

• We figure out that the campus has free wi-fi so all of us iphone addicts connect and start updating facebook.

• End of the second period so Keith and I run out and get a yummy Canadian hot dog.

• Heartburn ensues.

The third period gets really exciting with lots of penalties and both teams playing really hard.

• I am just trying to soak it all in.  I can't believe we are at the Olympics.  At the buzzer the whole arena is on its feet cheering for both teams and a hard fought match.  Nolan feels like he is trying to join in.

• We walk slowly back to the car and debate whether to drive downtown and try to see the torch.  We dont have any idea where it is we instead just decide to head home, it's 9:30 already.

• We use the restrooms at the grocery store we parked by and get some Canadian delicacies, Ketchup lays and Coffee Crisp wafers.  Yeah Canada.

• Driving back we can see all of the lights in Vancouver and the lit ski runs at Grouse Mountain and Cypress Mountain. Shaun White is winning his gold medal right now.

• What an incredible night, we both feel a physical weight lifted from us with that pledge of $8000 coming in.  And what a better way to find out, when we took a step back and decided to just have fun for a night.  Tears of joy for the provision that God provides.

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